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The LeaksStop Active System

LeaksStop specialized in solution for water leak reduction and detection. We developed the LeaksStop, an innovative and revolutionary active system, which detects, prevents and reduces water leaks in pipe systems, based on patent pending technology.

As water leak associated damages are reaching billions of dollars every year, the LeaksStop solution is suitable for industry, offices, public buildings and households.

Several pilots are already installed and now the company looks for a collaboration or investment in order to move to the mass production stage.

No damage!
Avoid accidental water damages and increasing water bills, and identify leaks before damage occurs.

No water loss!
    Reduce any small leaks by 90% and immediately block major ones.

No troubles!
Minimize the formation of new leaks, avoiding mildewed walls and costly emergency reconstructions.

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Or email us directly to: info@leaksstop.com